"It was harder than I thought
but I had a producer called
Steve McLaughlin
who helped
me through that."

Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy)

gohlmclaughlin is a film music supervision and production company. Working with first-rate contractors, musicians, orchestrators and studios, we have a track record of success at all levels of budget in London, New York, Los Angeles and Europe.

The company was formed in 1999 by Steve McLaughlin and Teese Gohl, two well known film music producers who have been involved in the supervision, production, musical direction and recording of over a hundred music scores for major motion pictures.

gohlmclaughlin can either work with experienced composers or artists who have never previously written film scores.

With the assistance of gohlmclaughlin, directors, producers and editors can confidently work with artists that they admire from outside the traditional film scoring community.

Assisting Recording Artists:

Making music for film is something that inspires many musicians, and being hired to score a film is a great opportunity.

However, it requires some specialist knowledge, and without this it can seem technically demanding and creatively limiting.

Communicating with filmmakers is also a specific skill - it takes experience to understand the dramatic concepts and film terminology that they use. gohlmclaughlin can help.

Working with a writer who is new to film scoring, we can help them through the process of completing their first score. We have a proven track record of success in achieving this.

Our goal is to enable songwriters to make music in the way that they normally do, and then help them to integrate their music into the film.

  • We can take existing multi-tracks and remix and rework them into underscore, or we can assist you in composing new music from scratch.
  • We are able to work hands-on, in the studio, with or without your usual production team.
  • We have contacts and working relationships with the studios, musicians, contractors, orchestrators and copyists that major composers use and we can put these resources to work for first time composers.

As part of a complete music supervision service, gohlmclaughlin are in contact with a number of experienced and talented composers at various budget levels, and we can suggest a composer for a given project, supply showreels and demos, negotiate with them and undertake to deliver their score to a first class standard.

Supervising music scores for motion pictures
Pre-recording music
Casting composers
Budgeting scores
Putting together packages in London, New York, Los Angeles and Europe
Musical direction
Recording, mixing and editing
Licensing of existing musical material
Assisting artists who have made their name in the record industry to produce film scores
Representing and producing a number of young and up-and-coming composers
Developing compositions into a finished score which fits the picture while retaining its musical identity
Use our experience to translate musical ideas onto the screen and make sure that the technical process never gets in the way of making music





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