About a Boy

Director: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz

Composer: Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy)

Score Produced by:
Steve McLaughlin for gohlmclaughlin

Songs produced by: Tom Rothrock and Damon Gough

Based on Nick Hornby's popular British novel, About a Boy is a comedy-drama starring Hugh Grant as Will, a rich, child-free irresponsible Londoner who invents an imaginary son and attends single parent meetings in order to meet women.

He befriends Marcus, an odd 12-year old boy, With Will teaching him to be a cool kid and Marcus helping Will to finally grow up?

About the soundtrack:

What was the working process for the 'About A Boy' soundtrack?
Damon: "The first thing to do is to get help. When I was offered the soundtrack I had this flippant attitude that it was going to be a piece of cake. It was much more difficult. I started to base the songs on the book, the imagery and the characters. When I got to watch the film there were a couple of other inspirational moments such as when the boy was reading his mother's suicide note.

"Trying to make the songs fit the film was a lot harder than I expected it to be. When you've got a fixed piece of film to work to it's much harder. With a lot of films people licence music in and find a piece that works. When you're writing it for real it's much more difficult.

"It was harder than I thought but I had a producer called Steve McLaughlin who helped me through that. He'd scored many films and helped me adapt my music to the film. He made it a lot easier."

Are you happy with the album?
Damon: "About A Boy as an album was like a bonus. I know for a fact that most of those songs wouldn't have been written if I hadn't been asked to do the film. I was happy that it was received so well too as I was expecting more criticism."

From an interview on the BBC Website

Soundtrack reviews:

I love that soundtrack album. What's interesting is that it must have looked to some people like a dangerous commercial decision. But over the last couple of weeks I keep seeing what I think are adverts for the film but turn out to be adverts for the album. The album is everywhere and in the charts, so I'm sure it will make film companies think again - you can do something so interesting musically and help sell the film." Nick Hornby (Author, Executive Producer), The Guardian.

Better yet, Badly Drawn Boy's song-based score is a triumph, a musical meta-narrative, adding character without threatening cohesion."  Colin Kennedy, Empire Magazine.

"But the boy who emerges with most credit is singer-songwriter Badly Drawn Boy. His likeable, shuffling soundtrack has confidence and verve...." Catherine Shoard, The Sunday Telegraph.

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