Across the Universe

Director: Julie Taymor

Composer: Elliot Goldenthal. With music by The Beatles

Score Produced by:
Teese Gohl for gohlmclaughlin

Songs produced by: Elliot Goldenthal with T-Bone Burnett and Teese Gohl

A love story set against the backdrop of the 1960s, turbulent years of anti-war protest, mind exploration and rock 'n' roll, Across The Universe is centered on characters heard in those songs, with the lyrics often part of the dialogue.

Utilizing live action plus animation and digital effects, Across The Universe moves from the dockyards of Liverpool to Greenwich Village, the riot-torn streets of Detroit to Vietnam.

The original movie musical Across The Universe, directed by Julie Taymor and penned by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, brings not only the music of the Beatles but also the characters and stories in their timeless songs -performed by the actors in the film - to the big screen.

The film's stars, headed by Jim Sturgess as Jude, Golden Globe nominee Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen) as Lucy, Joe Anderson as Max, Dana Fuchs as Sadie and Martin Luther as JoJo, as well as Salma Hayek, are joined by U2's Bono, rock icon Joe Cocker and well-known comedian Eddie Izzard.

Bono performs "I Am The Walrus" as Dr. Robert (and "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" over the end titles); Cocker sings "Come Together" in three different guises - pimp, homeless man and hippie, and Izzard portrays circus ringleader Mr. Kite rendering "The Benefit Of Mr. Kite."

The other stars perform the Beatles' "Across The Universe," "Girl," "Helter Skelter," "Hold Me Tight," "All My Loving," "I Want To Hold Your Hand," "With A Little Help From My Friends," "It Won't Be Long," "I've Just Seen A Face," "Let It Be," "Why Don't We Do It In The Road," "If I Fell," "I Want You," "Dear Prudence," "Because," "Something," "Oh! Darling," "Strawberry Fields," "Revolution," "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," "Happiness Is A Warm Gun," "Blackbird," "Hey Jude," "Don't Let Me Down" and "All You Need Is Love."

In addition, The Secret Machines collaborated with Oscar-winning composer Elliot Goldenthal on their versions of "Flying" and "Blue Jay Way."

Goldenthal also wrote the score to the film and produced and rearranged the rest of the 31 songs along with T-Bone Burnett and Matthias Gohl.

Taymor received two Tony Awards for her work on "The Lion King," making her the first woman to win a Tony for directing a musical. She then transitioned to movies, directing Titus in 1999 and Frida in 2002. The latter garnered six Academy Award nominations and won two, including for Best Original Score (with Goldenthal).


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