The Good Thief

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Director: Neil Jordan

Composer: Elliot Goldenthal

Score Produced by:
Steve McLaughlin and Teese Gohl for gohlmclaughlin

Nick Nolte stars in the remake of the 1955 French film titled "Bob Le Flambeur". The story centers around an ageing gambler who decides to break a losing streak by robbing a casino.


Soundtrack reviews:

"Elliot Goldenthal is one of my favourite composers; in fact, he may be my favourite American film composer at the moment. The clarity and depth to his orchestral writing is unparalleled and he has produced some of film music's finest albums of the last decade or so.

"... The Good Thief sees the composer in urban jazz territory. It's Goldenthal's latest collaboration with Neil Jordan. Clearly the film did not demand such writing and the blacker-than-night soundscape the composer has crafted is perfect for the thriller."



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