Director: David A. Stewart

Composer: David A. Stewart

Score Produced by: Teese Gohl and
Steve McLaughlin for gohlmclaughlin

Dave Stewart makes his directorial debut in an edgy Clement/La Frenais black comedy.

The film, which stars Natalie and Nicole Appleton and Melanie Blatt from All Saints, is set in 1967. It was selected for the Midnight screening at the Cannes Film Festival.

About the soundtrack:

On this score we had the privilege of being able to adapt some of the original Motown recordings of artists such as the Temptations.

Soundtrack reviews:

"David A Stewart makes a smashingly entertaining debut as a film maker - Honest looks like a surefire audience pleaser - a lively mix of vivid characterizations, comic action and 60s nostalgia..." The Hollywood Reporter

"Appleton delivers a captivating performance. She is provocatively sexy yet never less than sympathetic as a working class woman who strives to beat men at their own game..." Heat Magazine



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