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Director: Nick Moran

Composer: Ilan Eshkeri

Original score produced by: Steve McLaughlin for gohlmclaughlin

Score mixed by: Steve McLaughlin for gohlmclaughlin

Nick Moran direects this biopic of troubled 60s pop producer Joe Meek.


About the movie:

A music-infused drama about Joe Meek, the flamboyantly gay, tone deaf, songwriter-producer behind the '60s hits "Have I the Right," "Just Like Eddie," "Johnny, Remember Me" and "Telstar."

Set against a backdrop of early 60's London, TELSTAR is the story of the world's first independent record producer, Joe Meek. A maverick genius who enjoyed phenomenal early success with TELSTAR - the biggest selling record of its time - before bad luck, depression, heartbreak and paranoia forced him into murder and suicide.

A gay, amphetamine addicted, talented but deeply troubled soul, Meek dabbled in the occult. He is already an iconic figure in the world of British pop.

Far from being a maudlin tale, this stranger than fiction true story is a satirical comic drama revealing the many sides of Joe Meek, a man who is now revered as a pioneer in the field of popular music.


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