Director: Julie Taymor

Composer: Elliot Goldenthal

Score Produced by:
Teese Gohl for gohlmclaughlin

The film is an adaption of the Shakespeare play by the same name. Titus returns victorious from war, only to plant the seeds of future turmoil for himself and his family. Who says revenge is sweet?

Titus website


About the soundtrack:

Elliot Goldenthal is a master of many different styles of music, as his brilliant and eclectic score for Julie Taymor's masterpiece "Titus" demonstrates.

Soundtrack reviews:

"Is the score flawless? In the film, certainly it is; the combination of music and image is as potent and brilliant as any I have ever seen in even the most classic movie/composer combinations.

"... this is one of the finest scores composed in many years, truly a masterpiece. Opinion is somewhat polarised over it - some film music fans love it, some hate it. But nobody who has seen the film could deny its brilliance in that context, and no fan of Goldenthal could possibly be disappointed with the album." moviewave.net

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